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Fertilizer - Lawn Fertilizer

Ag Solutions provide an array of fertilizers for agricultural crops.  Whether liquid, granular, or anhydrous ammonia, Ag Solutions can provide fertilizer to fit most needs.  We also have various secondary and micro-nutrients available, as well as Foliar Fertilizers.


Fertilizer Products

Farm more efficiently with supplies from our company. We offer several products and blends, including:

• Liquid Fertilizer
• Lime
• Micro Nutrients
• Secondary Nutrients

• Specialty Fertilizer
• Granulated Fertilizer

• Bagged & Bulk Dry Fertilizer
• Custom-Blended Fertilizer
• Anhydrous Ammonia


Nutrient Management Aids


Protect your fertilizer investment with nutrient management aids from Ag Solutions. We offer premium products to prevent loss from your valuable fertilizer investment. Ag Solutions have several products to protect granular, liquid, and anhydrous ammonia products.



NZONE GL alters nitrogen fertilizer breakdown so that it's captured in the soil in a stable and available form.  NZONE GL is formulated for anhydrous ammonia and UAN



NZONE MAX with CrossLink Technology features the same active ingredient as NZONE.  NZONE MAX features a highly concentrated formulation allowing for a low use rate 




TopSide is a unique product developed by AgXplore designed specifically for UAN application.  TopSide has several modes of action to increase nutrient uptake by the plant



Prevent with CrossLink Technology is a phosphorus management aid that help prevent P fixation in the soil and enhances P uptake.  Prevent increases phosphorus availability and efficiency.



We also have access to Agrotain, Avail, Nutri-Sphere and More than Manure products.


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