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Foliar Fertilizer

Ag Solutions offers a wide array of Foliar Fertilizers for use on many different crops!







                                   25-0-0/0.5B                                                                                         4-0-10/0.5B/1.5Mn


                     0-0-0/9S/0.5B/0.25Cu/3Zn                                                                               8-10-2


                              8-32-5/0.5Zn                                                                                                                6-24-10/0.25Cu/0.1Zn


                    0-0-0/0.5B/3Mn/0.001Mo/1Zn                                                                          4-0-18/125


                                         8-0-0/175                                                                                 7-12-1


                4-2-6/0.5B/3Mn/0.005Mo/0.05Zn                                                                      7-0-0/6Mg



The products shown are an example of some of the Foliar Fertilizers we have access to.

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